Membership Rules, New Members information and Membership Overview can be found below. If you are interested in joining the Club, the membership form can be downloaded from the New Members section and either posted or hand delivered to us, when completed. You can also collect a Membership Form from the Club and take away to complete or whilst visiting the Club.

Due to the club not being open the subscription renewal period will be extended to the end of June. Many thanks to the 300 members who have previously posted cheques or paid their subscriptions by bank transfer. Although the Club has been closed with no trading income, unfortunately bills such as gas, electricity, machine leasing, national insurance and pension contributions etc still have had to be paid. However, it is proposed to drop the joining fee for the remainder of 2021. Please encourage family members or friends to take advantage of this offer and to join the club. Subscriptions will be £17.50 plus £2.50 for an affiliation card but there will be no joining fee of £25 charged.

Club Rules

Visitors – Members may sign-in up to four guests. All guest/visitors MUST be signed in by their host, who should remain with them for the duration of their visit. Members are also responsible for the behaviour of their guests whilst on Club premises.

Any person(s) who have been refused membership of the Club are not permitted to be entertained as guests on Club premises.

Members are permitted to bring in up to four (4) guests at any one time, but in accordance with Rule 59(a) the same guest shall not be permitted to the Club premises more than 3 times within a calendar month. However, partners (i.e. Wives/Husbands) are allowed unlimited entry when accompanied by the member.

Children are allowed in the Club Lounge and Restaurant up to 7:00pm from Sunday to Friday, and 6:00pm on Saturday. Children aged 14 and above are allowed in the Club when accompanied by an adult. Children under 14 are not allowed at the Lounge Bar or in the Sports Bar.

Mobile Telephones – The use of mobile phones is NOT permitted in either Bar or in the Restaurant. However, they can be left on to receive text messages and calls; but if you must make or receive a call please use one of the outside lobbies or the Car Park.

Hats – Will all Members and Guest please remove their head wear on entering the Club; unless it is worn for medical, religious, formal reasons, themed evening or parties.

Dress Standards – Both Ladies and Gentlemen are expected to observe a reasonable standard of dress on Club premises. Members wearing soiled working clothes are requested to use the Front Bar.

We trust that both Ladies and Gentlemen will cooperate in this matter.

New Members

New Members – Whilst the Club does not have a strict dress code, members and their guests are encouraged to dress smartly (smart casual is OK!) on Saturday evenings and at such other times as there is entertainment in the Lounge.

As a full member you may sign in up to four guests at any one time; however, the same guest may not visit the Club more than 3 times in any one calendar month; unless special dispensation is obtained from the committee. If you have relatives or friends staying with you, this rule may be waived during their period of staying with you; provided you have sought dispensation as outlined above.

In addition, ACC Affiliation Cards are available at £2.50 each and these will allow you access to all Conservative Clubs in the Country (providing they also are affiliated to the ACC) and together with a copy of the ACC Club Directory (£3.50) they are invaluable if you travel in this Country; either for business or pleasure.

A weekly Tote Draw is held with a prize fund of approximately £150 per week. Any Committee or Club member will be able to assist with instructions on how to complete the Tote envelopes.

A ‘Loan and Dividend’ club also operates within the Club and pays out at the beginning of December each year. Regular payments must be made on a Friday evening and the Secretary, who will be pleased to advise you.

Rule Books are available at £1.00 each and you are advised to purchase one if you wish to know more about the functioning of the Club. Club subscriptions are renewable between the 1st December until the 31st January and the AGM is normally held on the third Thursday in March.

The full time Secretary is Mrs Mary Robinson who can be contacted at the Club, by letter, telephone on 01908 567 105 or by email.

Membership Overview

Joining the Club – We look forward to you joining our “Family”!

To apply for membership to the Stony Stratford Conservative Club you must fill in the Membership Application and Questionnaire. You can either pick these up from the Club or download them here and submit them at the Club.

Application Form (opens new window).

On submitting your application form and questionnaire you will be invited to attend an Induction Meeting by letter. This is only an informal meeting where we can provide you with information about the Club, its Rules and answer any questions you may have.

All members of the Club are required to be members of a Conservative Association so, if you are not a current member of the local or another Association, you will need to join at the induction meeting, at a fee of £2.00. Should you be a member of a different Conservative Association, you will need to provide proof of membership at induction.

In addition, you will need to bring with you the joining fee of £25.00, the annual membership fee of £17.50 (including the £2.00 Association Fee), plus a 5p one-off shareholder’s fee.

On arrival at the Club for your Induction Meeting, you will be met by the Club Secretary Mrs M Robinson or a member of the Committee in the Lounge Bar, where you may buy a drink if you wish. Details of the Induction will then be given.

Should you not appear at the Induction Meeting when requested to do so and do not contact is within a period of four weeks, we will not be able to proceed with your application and you will need to re-apply for membership.

Following your Induction Meeting, your Membership cards will be left behind the bar for collection.

Fees required to join the club:
Joining Fee (one-off) – £25.00
Shareholder’s Fee (one-off) – £0.05
Membership Fee (Annually) – £17.50
Affiliation Card (if required) – £2.50
Life Members – £2.00